Brookfield PaperWorks

Brilliant papers of many patterns form the core of Elisabeth Hyder's art. Using a centuries-old technique of paste paper, she works with more vibrant colors to coat paper sheets. Then, with various tools, rolls, combs, and stamps of her own design or making, she works free or geometrical patterns into the wet pigments. The dried papers have a richly textured, almost three-dimensional look.

Elisabeth, a Swiss-born artist, crafts her own papers into many usable products in her Central New England studio. Boxes, photo and portfolios, journals, cards, and correspondence folders are her useful pieces. Collages, color studies, and paper weavings are framed as art. She also makes a large assortment of individual sheets and takes commissions for special-quantity projects such as bookbinders' cover papers.

In addition to her handmade designs in paste paper, Elisabeth also collaborates with her husband, a letterpress printer, in the production of the Brookfield line of printed cards, notes, stationery, labels, and miniature books of quotes. These are available in paper shops nationally, distributed by OrangeArt of Woodstock, Connecticut.

accordian books address books photo albums set of blue books blue pocket stationery set carrot collage combing the paste paper crow collage foliage collage gray boxes journals
open puzzle box portfolios set of red boxes red collage red star collage stationery set - red square collage studio display vegetable collage more vegetables (collage) writing tablets
accordian books