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If you are a working artist with an accessessible studio and live within the area of our map, the Backroads Studio Tour would like to invite you to apply for Guest Artist membership. We have a juried application process whereby the current members of the group select from a pool of applicants. Once accepted the membership fee is $100. To read more the Backroads Studio Tour and the application process click here for a downloadable document.

The application deadline for 2016 membership is April 15, 2016.


To apply as a Guest Artist, please:

- send 4 digital images of your work (jpg format on cd or emailed); along with
- 2 digital images of your studio; and
- complete the online application form by clicking here.

You may mail or email this information to:

Frank White
Box 702
West Brookfield, MA 01585


We look forward to hearing from you!